Scott Lively is a Christian Conservative (Republican) who is running against sitting Massachusetts Governor, Charlie Baker. The election is Tuesday, September 4th, the day after labor day. Scott won nearly 1/3 of the Republican delegate vote at the convention earlier this year – that’s a big number against a supposedly popular governor.

Being Governor of our great Commonwealth is a huge responsibility, one that Baker has repeatedly failed in. With scandal after scandal after scandal, the needs of our state are not being met.

Here are some of Lively’s positions and plans for being the next Governor of Massachusetts:

STANDING UP FOR LIFE –  Yes, that is high on his list. This isn’t just about abortion, this is standing up for all children and families, and standing against special interest groups such as Planned Parenthood, and yes, dealing with the awful abuses at DCF.

SECOND AMENDMENT – Scott believes that our second amendment rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. It is that simple. He will work to overturn any and all laws that infringe upon law abiding citizens’ constitutional rights.

PARENTAL RIGHTS ARE A MUST – Parental rights must be championed and supported. There will be no fiercer defender of families than Scott Lively. What has happened to families such as with the Justina Pelletier case (medical kidnapping) is frightening, shocking and wrong! No more of these abuses at the hands of complete strangers who mistakenly believe that it is they who have authority over our children!

STOP THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION – It can be done with strong and solid leadership. This has been one of Baker’s biggest failures. Scott Lively would IMMEDIATELY put the hammer down, including mass firings and starting over, if needed. The culture of corruption must stop NOW and the buck stops with Scott.

NO NEW TAXES – Another false promise from Baker. The excessive taxing of our people has got to end!

REDUCE STATE SALES TAX – Baker promised us that he would support the reduction of the state sales tax, yet when pressured, he backed down on that and then added even more taxes. He just signed off on the $800,000,000.00 Grand Bargain.

STOP MASSACHUSETTS FROM BECOMING CALIFORNIA EAST – The way the Commonwealth has been headed the past two decades is putting us on par with states such as California, which used to be the Golden State, but now, there is a mass exodus of good people and many businesses leaving for better destinations. We should be one of those destinations.

NO SANCTUARIES – AT ALL! – Scott believes it is absolute craziness for any American (especially taxpayer paid politicians) to side with foreign nationals, illegal aliens and law breakers who invade us from other countries. This is just basic common sense for most people! If our lawmakers or other government officials continue to side with foreign nationals and illegal aliens, Scott has pledged to initiate RICO proceedings against them.

MAKE MASSACHUSETTS GREAT AGAIN – While Governor Baker has repeatedly thrown our President under the bus, Scott strongly believes that under President Trump’s leadership the economy is headed up and taxes are headed down. Scott will make Massachusetts a very valuable partner to the Trump administration, which will help Massachusetts prosper even more.

Here is what you haven’t been told by the Baker campaign. In Massachusetts there are 4.5 million registered voters, and only 1.5 of them are registered as Democrats. That means a full 2/3s of the Commonwealth have no interest in what the Democrat party has to offer. With all the never ending scandals, and the complete failure, of the Baker Administration, Scott Lively has a great chance of prevailing in the September 4th primary, so if any of the above positions are important to you, Please donate TODAY! so we don’t miss this opportunity to take back the Commonwealth!