People have said that Christian Conservative Scott Lively has no way to win Massachusetts because he is not Democrat enough. Let’s be sure to correct those people with FACTS the next time you hear that.

Democrats want you to think that they have a stronghold on Massachusetts when it comes time to vote but…. you will never hear them tell you that out of the 4,486,849 registered voters, only 1,526,870 are democrats! 2/3rds of the state says NO WAY DEMS! (Source, MA SOS)

Even better is that Democrat registrations are DOWN since 2012. And with all this craziness and violence coming from the left, well… most normal people want nothing to do with it.

Now, even worse is our current Governor, Charlie Baker. Baker has been embroiled in one scandal after another since he took office. It’s just not good for the Commonwealth. Additionally, under his governorship, here are the many ways he has trashed the Republican Party, has repeatedly opposed our President and has veered so far to the left, that many are calling for hm to not only switch parties, but to outright resign!

If you are a conservative, ask yourself, is THIS what you stand for?

Under Charlie Baker’s “leadership” we have had one police scandal after another. Since the state refused to act on it, the feds stepped in and are cleaning house. Here is the overtime scandal story.

Charlie Baker does not support our President. How can this work out well for our state?

Charlie Baker funds PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Read more.

Charlie Baker commits to helping our country, then rescinds his offer. Not good! We NEED secure borders, but Charlie bought into the liberal lies.

Despite promising no new taxes, Baker signs new $800,000,000.00 tax bill that takes away Sunday premium pay for workers and then taxes them for family leave, whether they want family leave or not.

Charlie Baker supports gender confused men using women and children’s bathrooms. How weird is that?

Charlie Baker supports the new $800,000,000 tax increase on the working class. That’s crazy stuff!

Charlie Baker, in concert with Mass GOP, worked behind the scenes and violated GOP rules in order to quash people they didn’t like, the Boston Globe reports.

Be patient, we are still adding scandals to this page!